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Rottweiler Inspires Kids To Read!

American Rottweiler - Kids Reading

This heartwarming story is from JODELLE GREINER, Lifestyles Editor at the Gainsville Daily Register (TX)………….

“When most people think of a therapy dog, they think of a small breed dog, something that will fit on your lap. They don’t think of a Rottweiler.

They don’t think of Turbo.

It may take a little getting used to, seeing this big Rottweiler trotting down the halls of Valley View Elementary with his owner, Pat Crawford by his side.

Kids get all excited, “Hi, Turbo!” “Turbo’s here!” and they change course to pet the dog’s head or wrap their arms around his neck for a long hug.

Turbo takes it all in stride. He doesn’t mind the kids crowding around, petting him or draping themselves across his back. The only one he really seems to take note of is Crawford herself. After she’s told Turbo to sit or lay down amongst the children and walks a few feet away to sit down, Turbo’s eyes stay glued to her, oblivious to the children vying for his attention.

Turbo and his friend Max, a black flat-coated retriever owned by Marli Vieira, visited Valley View Elementary on Tuesday for the last time until September. Turbo and Max, along with Honey, a Labrador retriever owned by Joe Seale, have been visiting the school since March and Susan Smith, principal of pre-kindergarten through fourth grade, is thrilled”.

To read the rest of the story  - CLICK HERE!

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American Rottweiler Loves Greeting

Meet Allie Tozzo Greco -  a different kind of working dog!

Allie loves boating, fishing and when she’s not at the beach, Allie is busy working as a receptionist at a car dealership!

That’s right, Allie just loves to greet customers at the family car dealership, says Julie Tozzo, whose family owns Lynnes Nissan Subaru in

Stanhope,  New Jersey. 

Julie oversees  sales operations for several of the family’s showrooms and Allie is often by her side.

Ten years ago Julie was in search of a Golden, but her husband brought home Allie instead.

“Thank God!”, says Julie, adding that having Allie come into her life was one of the best things that ever happened to her.  Now Julie is a true fan of the breed, having developed a love and appreciation for the Rottweiler.

Since she was  a puppy,  the beloved Allie came to work everyday with her owners, meeting and greeting customers in the showroom. Customers adore meeting Allie!

In addition to her duties as a greeter, Allie also helps with company recycling efforts by shredding  cardboard - another fun job!And at 10 years old, Julie says Allie has the energy of a puppy!

Imagine - a  car dealership that’s not just dog friendly, but Rottie Friendly!  Well, now we know where to shop!

Julie says of her Rottweiler, Allie, “I love her so much!”  Julie  - we couldn’t agree more Rottweilers are the best dogs on the planet! 

The Rottweiler graces the cover of Dog World’s December 2007 issue, an event which only happens every 6-8 years.  Fans take note - the American Rottweiler Club is featured prominently in the issue!

A Special Edition For Rottweilers! On Stands Now!

American Rottweiler Dog World

Do you have your copy yet? Don’t miss out on this special edition of Dog World!

Featured in the December  “Meet The Breed” article are Joan Klem, ARC member and AKC judge,  and Diane Garnett, President of the American Rottweiler Club, two Rottweiler experts and owners who share their extraordinary knowledge and love for the breed with Dog World. (See Pg. 21-25)

Resources For Rottweiler Owners

In this special edition, the American Rottweiler Club wanted to invite the  public to learn more about the AKC Parent Club and our noble, timeless breed.

We wanted to share the history and mission of our organization by placing an ad in the magazine.  (Look for our ad on Pages 80 and 81!)

Our ad provides readers with information and resources about owning a Rottweiler, and highlights Rottweilers in the special roles of working dogs, too - in activities such as Carting or Herding, or Agility, or in Search & Rescue , Law Enforcement, or as Therapy or Service dogs.

Some Friends Are Forever

Most of all, we want the world to know the Rottweiler as the loyal, bravehearted dogs we all know and love.

American Rottweiler Some Friends are Forever

The Rottweiler is your trustworthy friend, your loyal companion. Together, the bonds of a special and enduring friendship are formed.

We know that with a Rottweiler by our side on the Road Of Life, that Some Friends Are Forever.


PS - Pick up the December 2007 issue of  Dog World at book stores or major pet supply retailers,  or CLICK HERE to order it directly from the publisher, Bowtie, Inc.

You could say it’s magic.  That’s just how things worked out this past September, when the American Rottweiler Club needed to do a photo shoot for an ad that would appear in the December issue of Dog World Magazine.

After all, the Rottweiler was going to be the cover dog in the December issue.  And the America Rottweiler Club was in search of models for the ad. But where would America’s Next Top Model Rottweilers be found?

Why in North Jersey, of course!

The ARC photo shoot happened with a little help from our friends,  Linda Berberich, an AKC Judge & Doreen Tietjen, owner of Pet A Groom salon in Ramsey, NJ.

American Rottweiler - Linda-Berberich and Doreen Tietjen

Linda and Doreen graciously responded to our call, and gave of their time and of course, provided the gorgeous Rottweilers for our photo shoot, for which we are soooo grateful!

Here are Linda, Doreen and two BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES! Thank you to both of these dedicated ARC members for helping to support this effort!

American Rottweiler - Linda Berberich and Doreen Tietjen

More puppies!

Varka Restaurant

Varka  - one of New Jersey’s highest rated restautants helps out!  They graciously provided their gardens for some of the shots!

Varka and Lindsay

Our “other” model with with owner of Varka!

American Rottweilers and Lindsay

American Rottweiler Surprise Kiss

SURPRISE!  Our model get an unexpected kiss!

Rottweilers - Some Friends Are Forever!

American Rottweiler Kisses Lindsay

Look for the American Rottweiler Club ad featured in the December 2007 issue of Dog World Magazine, and learn why the American Rottweiler Club is taking a proactive postion in today’s Dog World!

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When the American Rottweiler Club and the Doberman Pinscher Club Of America issued a joint Holiday Card Challenge, they asked dog lovers to send greeting cards to their local legislators and add “My Dog Votes” to the signature of the card.

Now, My Dog Votes, a staunch supporter of ARC and the DPCA, and good dogs everywhere, has heard the call!

To help the ARC/DPCA Holiday Card Challenge, My Dog Votes (the campaign supply company dedicated to Saving Dogs and Democracy) has just launched a special line of Holiday Greeting Cards.

The My Dog Votes Holiday Cards make it super easy for dog lovers to create a CUSTOMIZABLE CARDS for just for your legislators like this!

American Rottweiler Customizable My Dog Votes Holiday

You can even personalize the greeting for each of your elected representatives on the cover of the card - just like the one above!

Here’s How It Works! 

To create your custom My Dog Votes Holiday Card, CLICK HERE to go to the My Dog Votes Zazzle cardmaker page.

THEN, just follow these instructions:

  1. Under “Add Your Photo” - click the “Change” link to upload your own photo with your dog
  2. To find your photo on your computer, Click “My Computer”  then “Browse” .
  3. Once you’ve found your photo, then click the yellow “Select Image” button in the lower right hand corner to upload your image into the frame
  4. Make sure you resize your photo or image to be approx. 1020 x 725 pixels to fill the space)
  5. Add the name of your legislator and their title or district!
  6. Customize the “From The Proud Owner ” part by adding your dog’s name, breed or any titles
  7. Add your name!
  8. Tell your legislator that you are a REGISTERED VOTER living in their district - so add your city and state!


It’s a fully customized, Official My Dog Votes Holiday Card just for your local ELECTED officials, FROM YOU!

American Rottweiler Customizable Inside View My Dog Votes Holiday

Happy Holidays!

The American Rottweiler  Club is pleased to announce that late Friday afternoon, WWE’s SVP of Marketing, Gary Davis, confirmed that the John Cena shirt which portrayed the Rottweiler as “vicious” will be pulled from the marketplace.

“The Shirt Has Been Pulled From The Licensee” - Gary Davis, WWE SVP of Communications

American Rottweiler WWE Cena Shirt

The decision came following a barrage of letters from club members and dog lovers, including a formal letter American Rottweiler Club.

In that  letter, ARC President, Diane Garnett, wrote, That the WWE is profiting by deliberately protraying a negative stereotype of the Rottweiler, damaging the reputation of this noble breed, and further fueling the wave of legislation banning Rottweilers from communities across the country is an affront to every loving and responsible Rottweiler owner in the country”.

The shirts were sold in national retail chain stores, including JC Penny and Kohl’s. (See image - Front of WWE shirt) under the WWE brand.

World Wrestling Entertainment licences it’s brand and images to thousands of retail vendors and partners, including the image from the John Cena shirt.

Mr. Davis said the images has been pulled from their licensee and will not be renewed.

You Did It! Thank You!

The American Rottweiler Club says Thank You! to all dog lovers that wrote to WWE in protest - you made it happen!

We’d like to thank  Gary Davis and World Wrestling Entertainment for responding to our plea, and taking action to remove the offensive shirt from the marketplace.

Most importantly, the WWE  heard that our goal is the protection and preservation of our beloved and noble breed, the Rottweiler, thanks to you.

If you’d like to commend the WWE for their positive actions, please send your letters to:

World Wrestling Entertainment

Vince McMahon, CEO

Gary Davis, SVP Communications

1241 E. Main St.

Stamford, CT 06902

Ph) 203 - 353-2890


‘Tis the season to spread good cheer - especially amongst your local legislators!

This holiday season, the American Rottweiler Club and the Doberman Pinscher Club Of America are  asking dog owners everywhere to take the ARC/DPCA Holiday Card Challenge!

Send your local legislator a personalized holiday greeting from you and your dog to let them know, as a pet-owning constituent, you care about them (and their voting records of course!)

Positive messages from constituents can help make us more visible to our elected officials and help stop anti-dog legislation.

And just to whom should you send cards???  Try this list:

  • Your Governor
  • Your State Legislators
  • Your County Officials
  • Your Local Sheriff
  • Your City Council Members

OK - got the list?  Now it’s time to create your personalized greeting…………………….

If you own a :

  • Confirmation Dog - Include a WIN photo of you and your dog, ribbons or trophies and sign the card, “Proud Owner of an AKC Champion (breed)
  • Performance Titled Dog - Include a photo of your dog(s) duck hunting or herding sheep and sign the card, “Proud Owner Of A Field Trial Champion” or  “Proud Working Partner Of A (Title/Event)”
  • Certified CGC - Include a photo of you and your dog and a copy of your certificate.  Sign the card, “Proud Owner Of A Canine Good Citizen”
  • Therapy Dog - Include a photo of your dog with a senior citizen, hospitalized child or shut in.  Sign the card, “Proud Owner Of A Certified Therapy Dog - Bringing Joy To (Children, Senior Citizens or The Disabled or Shut Ins)”
  • Tracking/Search and Rescue Dog - Include a photo of you and your dog (preferably in uniform or working). Sign the card “Proudly Serving (City/County or State) with Search and Rescue Efforts”
  • Service Dog - Include a photo of you and your dog.   Sign the card, “Blessed with the service of (Fluffy), My Service Dog and Constant Companion “
  • Reading Program or School Dog - Include a photo of your dog with children.   Sign the card, “Proudly Helping Children To Read Better”
  • Agility Dog - Include a photo of your dog (in action too!).  Sign the card, “Proud Owner Of An Active Agility Dog” 
  • Shelter Dog - Include a photo of your dog.  Sign the card, “Proud Owner Of An Adopted Dog”
  • Puppy Buyers – Include a photo of your dog.  Sign the card, “Proud Owners Of  A (breed) purchased through a responsible breeder”

Your holiday greetings are important to the future of dog ownership.  Remember -ALWAYS use the term “Owner”  - NEVER use the terms “guardian or caretaker”.

SPECIAL NOTE! You can also write in at the bottom of the card “My Dog Votes!”

Help keep this holiday season merry and bright for good dogs everywhere and take part in the ARC/DPCA Holiday Card Challenge!

Wishing You and Yours a Dog Friendly Holiday Season!

The American Rottweiler Club has sent a letter to World Wrestling Entertainment asking them to stop selling Tshirts which deliberately portray the Rottweiler as “vicious”.

The WWE Tshirts have spurred protests from dog lovers across the country and feature wrestling star John Cena with two snarling dogs.  The shirts are being sold in national retail chain stores, including JC Penny and Kohl’s.

(See image - Front of  WWE shirt)

American Rottweiler WWE Cena Shirt

“That the WWE is profiting by deliberately protraying a negative stereotype of the Rottweiler, damaging the reputation of this noble breed, and further fueling the wave of legislation banning Rottweilers from communities across the country is an affront to every loving and responsible Rottweiler owner in the country”, said ARC President, Diane Garnett in the letter.

The American Rottweiler Club, a staunch opponent of breed specific legislation, is concerned that innocent dogs

and innocent dog owners will no doubt suffer the consequences because of the WWE’s irresponsible marketing tactics.

“We ask that World Wrestling Entertainment immediately stop selling inflammatory John Cena Tshirts”, said Ms. Garnett in the letter directed to WWE chief, Vince McMahon, and SVP of Communications, Gary Davis.

Rottweilers and their owners have been stigmatized to the point to where even therapy and service dogs are discriminated against.  Earlier this year, a Sears store manager demanded that a woman in a wheelchair with a Rottweiler service dog  leave the store.  She and her husband called to police in order to protect her right to access with her service dog.

Incidents of physical violence and verbal assaults against Rottweilers and their owners are on the rise.   Also of prime concern is the loss of insurance coverage and housing, which results in the needless euthanization of thousands of Rottwielers each year.

“We are asking our club members and every dog lover in the country for help in stopping the sale of this biased Tshirt and to help save innocent dogs”, said Ms. Garnett.

Dog lovers can help by contacting World Wrestling Entertainment, JC Penny and Kohl’s and ask them to pull the John Cena Rottweiler shirt.


World Wrestling Entertainment

Vince McMahon, CEO

Gary Davis, SVP Communications

1241 E. Main St.

Stamford, CT 06902

Ph) 203 - 353-2890

JC Penny


Michael Ullman, III - CEO

Michael J. Boylson, Chief Marketing Officer

Lana Cain, General Manager Merchandise, Boys and Men

6501 Legacy Dr.

Plano, TX  75024

Ph) 972 -431-1000



R. Lawrence Montgomery - CEO

N56 WI 17000 Ridgewood Dr.

Menomonee Falls, WI  53051

Ph) 262-703-7000


Rottweiler Saves Woman During Attack

The Washington Post is reporting that a Rottweiler saved a woman’s life during an attack last March in Virginia.

Authorities in Culpeper charged Kevin C. Kline with malicious wounding, abduction and burglary for an episode on a farm in March in which he attacked a woman in her mid-50s with a Taser, Culpeper Sheriff Lee Hart said.

Hart said the woman was tending her horses on the morning of March 31 when a man wearing latex gloves assaulted her inside a barn and shot her with a Taser. The woman’s Rottweiler broke loose, however, and attacked and bit the man, causing him to run away, Hart said.

“We feel that dog probably helped avoid a more serious assault,” Hart said.

The homeowner was able to identify her assailant — his mother had lived on the property, Hart said — and police obtained warrants for Kline.

Kline, who turned 18 in March, was released on $15,000 bond, and went to trial Oct. 1. A jury convicted him of malicious wounding and abduction and recommended a five-year prison sentence.

Culpeper Circuit Court Judge John R. Cullen allowed him to remain free until his sentencing Dec. 19th, although prosecutors asked that Kline’s bond be revoked, the Culpeper Star Exponent reported.

While free pending his sentencing, Fairfax police have charged Kevin C. Kline with murder in the shooting of the woman in Huntley Meadows Park. Minutes after her body was discovered, police said, Kline jumped on a nearby commuter bus and, as police closed in, threatened to kill himself. He surrendered peacefully four hours later.

Had it not been for her Rottwieler, the woman Mr. Klein was convicted of assaulting in her barn back in March may have suffered a similiar fate.

This hero Rottweiler not only saved the day, he saved a life!

Firefighters Remember Beloved Rottwieler

By Emily Goodson

Dino was a dog who made it impossible not to love her.

American Rottweiler Firefighter

Named for the famous cartoon dinosaur, Dino was a Rottweiler who belonged to my friends Rob and Nicholle, but she touched the lives of a much larger circle of people in Camden County - so much so that, when the difficult decision was made ……………..

on Sunday to put her down, many of those people dropped whatever they were doing in order to be there

Dino would have been 11 on Nov. 5. Over the last few weeks, she had been in and out of the vet’s office with health problems, from blindness to a bum leg. However, it was the vet’s discovery of a massive growth near her heart that prompted the decision to lay to her to rest.

Without a doubt, the hardest part about Dino’s death was that Rob, her devoted owner of more than 10 years, was unable to be there. You see, Rob is training in Mississippi with his Navy Seabee unit in preparation for a deployment to Iraq. All he could do was say goodbye to Dino through a cell phone, which Nicholle held to Dino’s ear at the vet’s office. Her eyes lit up when she heard the voice of her beloved “dad.”

Rob received Dino as a puppy from his ex-wife, Chris, and over the years Dino saw Rob through all of life’s ups and downs. Her favorite things to do were stick her head out the window on car rides and eat ice off the floor of the bay at the fire station, where Rob worked.

Dino quickly befriended the other firefighters, who always had a rolled up towel and a game of tug-of-war waiting when she came to the station. All the guys knew how much she meant to Rob.

Myself and the rest of Rob’s and Nicholle’s friends spent most of this week swapping stories about Dino; like the one about when she once accompanied Rob to the fire station.

One of Rob’s co-workers, Jason, had never met Dino until that day, and it just so happened that Rob and his partner got a call and had to leave Dino at the station just as Jason was arriving.

You really can’t blame Dino for “protecting” her fire station. She refused to let Jason into the building until he managed to crawl to the refrigerator and grab some bologna. She and Jason were good friends after that - as long as Jason kept feeding her bologna. Rob came back to the station to find Jason and Dino sitting on the couch, a steady stream of lunchmeat passing between them.

Other Dino stories were more poignant, like the one about how she got Nicholle over her childhood fear of big dogs. As a young girl, Nicholle attended Girl Scout meetings at a neighbor’s house. Each time she arrived, she was bowled over by the family’s four big dogs, and not surprisingly developed a fear of large canines.

Dino changed all that with her sweet personality. Nicholle said Dino always thought she was a lap dog, despite her 125-pound frame. Rottweilers often get a bad rap due to their fearsome look and natural protective instincts, but Dino was a walking PR campaign for the breed. She was smart, loyal and gentle, and got along well with Nicholle’s three cats, Moose, George and Misty.

They say all dogs go to Heaven. I am privileged to be able to say that I knew one of its newest angels.

(Emily Goodson is the assistant editor of the Tribune & Georgian and a regular Friday columnist.)

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